Orcish Inn Wiki

Amusement is a collection of activities, currently consisting of fishing, jukeboxes and slot machines. Amusement restores the player's stamina and some of the activities, like jukeboxes and slot machines, also satisfy visiting clans regarding their entertainment satisfaction


Fishing is an activity which restores stamina over time by granting the amused status effect. It allows to catch various types of loot, including fish and treasure chests. Fishing is done with the help of the fishing rod and holding the left mouse button to throw the floater into a pool of water. The floater is retrieved by left-clicking again. The floater starts to bump and white splashes appear, if a fish is near. Fish actually swim in the water and sometimes they leave a white trail of splashes.

Fishing restores stamina and offers some valuable and unique loot to the player.


Listening to a jukebox is a passive activity in Orcish Inn. After placing the jukebox furniture, the player can put a music disk in and let it play. Music disks can be found in different places in the world, like as a piece of content in a treasure chest. The music actually plays and interrupts the currently played music, but the player can turn off the jukebox audio output while keeping the positive effects for him and the visitors: the player restores stamina over time while being in a room with a playing jukebox whereas visitors increase in their music satisfaction, which is part of the entertainment satisfaction, when they drink a beer in a room with music playing.

The jukebox plays a disk and fills the room with music.

Slot Machine[]

Slot machines are objects which require a slot machine barrel to actually work. These barrels are mainly sold by the hawker and come in different editions and variants. An edition defines which kind of symbols and therefore rewards the slot machine will output. The variant sets other properties, like the distribution of the symbols or how much playing a round costs. Barrel waving winds zero is a barrel in the Waving Winds edition and in the variant Zero. Barrels allow to win a special reward, typically by having three purple symbols in a row. Then, a slot machine reward box is opened, if it is stored in the slot machine and if the reward box' edition fits the barrel's edition. Therefore, a slot machine with a barrel waving winds zero will only open waving winds reward boxes.

Visiting clans want to play slot machines with barrels of a specific edition to be happy. This is represented in their slot machine satisfaction as part of their entertainment satisfaction.

The player can play a round slot machines by putting a barrel in and selecting the slot machine. An appearing interface allows to start the machine for some money. If the slot machine's symbols result in a reward box, the box is opened and the player gets the box' contents. This is the only way to get to a reward box' content.

Visitors play slot machines on chance, too. The chance increases if the last beer drunk had a high bitterness, which unfortunately also increases the aggression generated during play on specific symbol combinations. If they try slot machines, they usually play multiple rounds in a row. They can also win reward boxes and get really angry, if they had three purple symbols and no reward box is opened, for example because the slot machine ran out of them.

The following slot machine outcomes respectively symbol combinations are possible and relevant for the player:

  • 2 Coins (Yellow): 200 money reward
  • 3 Coins (Yellow): 2000 money reward
  • 2 Horseshoes or 2 Badges (Green): reputation badge of a quality between 0 and 3 stars
  • 3 Horseshoes or 3 Badges (Green): reputation badge of a quality between 4 and 6 stars
  • 2 Clouds or 2 Waves (Blue): a forecast for the next weather, which can be wrong with a probability of 25%
  • 3 Clouds or 3 Waves (Blue): a correct forecast for the next weather
  • 2 Thunderbolts or 2 Meat Clubs or 2 Fishbones (Red): 50% stamina loss
  • 3 Thunderbolts or 3 Meat Clubs or 3 Fishbones (Red): 100% stamina loss
  • 2 Bombs (Red): minor explosion damaging the interior of the room the slot machine stands in
  • 3 Bombs (Red): big explosion damaging the interior of the room the slot machine stands in (more damage)
  • 3 Barley or 3 Bull Heads or 3 Treasure Chests or 3 Beers (Purple): content of a fitting reward box stored in the slot machine

Visitors don't get money or items, but the reward box disappears from the slot machine's storage if three purple symbols in a row are shown. The weather forecast reward is available to the player, if a visitor triggered it. The results which lower the player's stamina make visitors aggressive instead. Like said, all aggressive increasing effects get stronger if the last beer drunk had a high bitterness.

A slot machine with a Barrel Waving Winds slotted. Here, the player starts the machine and wins 2000 money.