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Animal husbandry is a secondary activity in Orcish Inn with many benefits in maintaining a tavern. The player has to raise and care about animals, which mostly includes feeding them. The community decides which animals get added to the game, with pigeons already part of Orcish Inn and sheep coming in a future version.

Available Animals[]

The following animals can be raised as farm animals:


Game Feature Votes[]

The Orcish Inn community is able to decide which animals get part of the game. Every vote contrasts two animals and interested people can utter their favorites via various channels, including mail, Twitter or on the event website. Patrons who support the development of Orcish Inn via Patreon have a doubled weight in voting. The first vote was about pigeons versus chicken (pigeons won), the second vote was about sheep versus goats (goats won) and the current (third) one is about yaks versus boars. More information is available on the game feature voting website.