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The player can construct various machines, walls and lay out floors of different types, all with the help of the shovel tool.

Building[edit | edit source]

Objects and floors are build with the shovel tool. By clicking on the corresponding shovel icon, a building menu opens up. All the objects and floors are categorized and by clicking on one of the categories, another matrix with all the structures of that category is shown. Placing the mouse on a furniture's icon will show how much money and resources it cost and in the case of some furniture, how many tavern comfort and dorm comfort it adds to the room.

Structures can be only placed if the player has enough money and resources available, like wood, stone or in some cases even rare items like a skull. Objects can be placed on valid ground only and if there is no other object. Floors replace themselves if built. Some structures have a color, which can be selected from the color category in the building menu. All furnitures with a support for color will have the currently selected color. Structures can be recolored at any time without cost.

Objects can be damaged by the player with the hammer-axe, during a pub brawl or bad weather. Little colored bars on top of structures indicate how much hit points the structure has left until it gets fully destroyed. It is only displayed if the object is damaged and the player has selected the hammer-axe. Objects are repaired with the hammer-axe, too. If an object which can hold items gets destroyed, it loses all its content, except the player manually destroyed it with the hammer-axe. Then, the items are added to the player's inventory. Floors have no hit points and can't be destroyed.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

Rooms are a special entity in Orcish Inn. A room is a space completely surrounded by walls (and doors) and with indoor floors (like wooden floor) inside. A room's border is visualized with little white dots while the shovel is selected, together with bars indicating the room's current tavern comfort and dorm comfort. Guests want to drink their beer in a room and the tavern comfort of that room is applied regarding their comfort satisfaction. The same is true for the dorm comfort when a guest is sleeping in a bed.

Tavern Comfort[edit | edit source]

The tavern comfort reflects how well the tavern is furnished. It is shown while having the shovel equipped. It's a value between 0% and 100% which gets higher when furniture with tavern comfort points (shown in the building menu) are placed in that room. The tavern comfort is also affected by the room's size, making it harder to furnish very big rooms. Note, that also the floor adds tavern comfort to the room. The room's tavern comfort plays a major role in the clan's comfort satisfaction.

Dorm Comfort[edit | edit source]

Corresponding to the tavern comfort, the dorm comfort reflects how well the room is furnished for visitors if they want to stay a night. It's shown below the tavern comfort while the shovel is equipped. Its value is between 0% and 100% and gets bigger if fitting furniture like a nightstand or a bed are placed within the room. The dorm comfort points are shown in the building menu, too. Furnitures for tavern comfort often decrease the room's dorm comfort and vice versa, as beds in a drinking room don't fit very well, like a faucet in a sleeping room doesn't fit.

Tavern Interior[edit | edit source]

Visitors need different interior to be happy with your tavern. You can also control if visitors are allowed by using the tavern sign object. It has two modes: one for visitors are welcome and one for the tavern is closed. A visitor expects the following interior:

  • A faucet to get beer from.
  • A table and a chair to sit on (the chair has to be near the table, so to speak above, right, below or left to the table).
  • Optionally a bed where he can stay the night if he wants to.

Floor Types[edit | edit source]

The various floors don't just look different, most of them have other properties too. For indoor floors, they can differ in resources they consume on building or in tavern comfort and dorm comfort they generate. The floor type influences the player's walking speed given the following table.

Floor Icon Floor Name Movement Speed Loss
Low grass 5%
Midsized grass 10%
High grass 15%
Land 20%

Besides that, visitors prefer to walk on certain floor types, making it possible to navigate them a bit. As they prefer dirt and stone floor above all other floors, the player can actually build paths they use to a certain extend. If the path results in a long way a round, they will probably walk through the land and grass instead.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Structures by Icon[edit | edit source]

Structures by Table[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Money Cost Item Cost Tavern Comfort Dorm Comfort Note
Outdoor Objects
Wooden fence 5 5xWood 0 0
Stony fence 10 10xStone 0 0
Compost box 25 5xWood 0 -5000 produces dung
Rain barrel 20 5xWood 0 0 collects water outdoor
Trader post 250 8xWood, 10xStone 0 0 Hawker target
Visitor post 125 8xWood, 10xStone 0 0 (dis)allow all visitors
Bush 15 0 0
Woodpile 0 1xWood 0 0 grows to small trees
Pigeon feeding box 200 5xWood, 24xStone 0 0
Pigeon sleeping box 150 5xWood, 14xStone 0 0 can hatch pigeon eggs
Outdoor Floors
Low grass 2 0 0
Midsized grass 5 0 0
High grass 8 0 0
Land 5 0 0 base for seeds
Dirt 8 0 0
Bridge 25 1xWood 0 0 challenge map only
Indoor Floors
Floor wood 5 1xWood 10 10
Wooden floor 6 2xWood 10 10
Stone floor 10 1xStone 10 10
Grate floor 8 1xIron ingot 10 10
Carpet floor 15 1xFiber 20 20
Ornate carpet floor 20 1xFiber 20 20
Red color 0 0 0
Orange color 0 0 0
Purple color 0 0 0
Blue color 0 0 0
Turquois color 0 0 0
Green color 0 0 0
Black color 0 0 0
Indoor Furniture
Wooden chair 'Forest' 5 3xWood 10 10
Wooden chair 'Simple' 25 3xWood 20 10
Wooden table 'Forest' 20 5xWood 10 10
Wooden table 'Barrel' 50 5xWood 20 10
Wooden table 'Simple' 90 5xWood 30 10
Wooden bar 'Simple' 145 6xWood 40 -2000
Faucet 'Treant' 40 5xWood 10 -2000 sells beer
Straw 15 30 80
Gully 30 1xIron ingot 50 0
Skull pile 25 1xSkull 350 450
Fireplace 190 20xStone 300 500
Sunk-In fireplace 640 20xStone 700 800
Vase 270 10xStone 400 300
Vase with ivy 375 10xStone 500 400
Vase with foliage plant 425 10xStone 550 450
Vase with skulls 275 10xStone, 1xSkull 800 700
Vase with weapons 540 10xStone, 3xIron ingot 650 550
Banner 750 1xWood, 10xFiber 750 550
Celestial mirror 0 1xCelestial mirror 900 1100
Nightstand 8 2xWood -100 2000 visitors put items in
Jukebox 225 3xWood, 5xIron ingot 20 -100 can play music disks
Slot Machine 386 4xWood, 8xIron ingot 10 -100 can be played
Next decorator 0 0 0
Walls and Doors
Wooden wall 30 2xWood 0 0
Wooden door 35 2xWood 0 0
Staff-only door 40 2xWood 0 0 not used by visitors
Wooden pillar 125 8xWood 200 100
Utility Objects
Bed 500 3xWood -5000 1500 put bedding in
Chest 100 5xWood 0 350
Barrel 150 5xWood 0 -100 beer only
Sign 25 3xWood 0 0 player can type text on
Wood yard 75 1xWood 0 0
Stone yard 75 1xWood 0 0
Ore yard 75 1xWood 0 0
Ingot yard 75 1xWood 0 0
Silo 250 15xWood, 25xStone 0 0
Cupboard 80 6xWood 0 600
Producing Objects
Malt box 250 5xWood 0 -2500 produces malt
Wort boiler 300 15xIron ingot 0 -2500 produces wort
Beer brewing kettle 550 25xIron ingot 0 -3000 produces beer
Furnace 150 15xStone 10 20 produces... stuff
Pipe input 25 1xIron ingot 0 0
Pipe output 25 1xIron ingot 0 0
Pipe combined 75 4xIron ingot 0 0
Underground pipe input 100 4xIron ingot 0 0
Underground pipe output 100 4xIron ingot 0 0
Underground pipe combined 200 8xIron ingot 0 0
Charcoal pile 125 25xWood 0 0 produces charcoal
Loom 50 6xWood 0 0 produces beddings
Washing trough 20 5xWood 0 0 restores quality of beddings
Clothes dryer 15 3xWood 0 0 drys beddings