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Items are objects stored in the player's basket. Seeds don't count as items, as they are stored in the seed pouch. Items are mainly gathered through farming, production, trading with the hawker, fishing, as rewards from quests or as loot from exploration tours by pigeons. Every item has a quality rating from zero to six stars which affects certain properties of the item, including its sell and buy price.

Items by Icon[edit | edit source]

Hop Barley Spelt Rye Wheat Corn Belladonna Blueleaves Dryroot Sunflower Lotus Scholar's Fire Water Dung Charcoal Wood Stone Iron Ore Iron Fiber Yeast Barley Malt Spelt Malt Rye Malt Wheat Malt Corn Malt Barley Wort Spelt Wort Rye Wort Wheat Wort Corn Wort Barley Beer Spelt Beer Rye Beer Wheat Beer Corn Beer Barley Bread Spelt Bread Rye Bread Wheat Bread Corn Bread Small Fish Small Baked Fish Midsized Fish Midsized Baked Fish Big Fish Big Baked Fish Green Blowfish Pigeon Egg Eater Egg Fried Egg Pigeon Feather Pigeon Meat Baked Pigeon Meat Belladonna Soap Blueleaves Soap Dryroot Soap Sunflower Soap Lotus Soap Straw Bedding Ragged Bedding Fiber Bedding Smooth Bedding Perfumed Bedding Scratchy Bedding Heavy Bedding Wet Straw Bedding Wet Ragged Bedding Wet Fiber Bedding Wet Smooth Bedding Wet Perfumed Bedding Wet Scratchy Bedding Wet Heavy Bedding Dynamite Medicine Reputation Badge Winter Care Package Mysterious Seed Bag Celestial Seed Bag Treasure Chest Barrel Waving Winds Zero Barrel Happy Ox Zero Barrel Bait Fish Zero Barrel Hot Brew Zero Reward Box Waving Winds Reward Box Happy Ox Item reward box bait fish.png Reward Box Hot Brew Celestial Joy Message in a Bottle Valentine's Day Card Bloody Bandage Little Green Mutagen Tooth World Enlarger Rusty Spoon Wallet Broken Mug Rotten Boots Recipe Celestial Mirror Astrolabe Small Bag Midsized Bag Big Bag Bronze Brass Knuckles Iron Brass Knuckles Golden Brass Knuckles Music Disk Orc Summer Music Disk Malt Dreams Music Disk Pigeon Feed

Items by Category[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Resources are required to build furnitures and are displayed at the top of the screen. Except fiber, they are acquired directly from nature.

Food and Drinks[edit | edit source]

The player has to eat food to stay satiation and he can benefit from beer buffs by drinking beer. Some of the food can be processed via cooking, e.g. to create better types of food. The type of food and its quality define how much satiation is restored.

  • Beer of different characteristics like taste, acerbity and so on, depending on the beer production process

Crops[edit | edit source]

Crops are acquired through farming and are added to the player's inventory after harvesting the plant. Every type of crop has a corresponding seed. Cotton is an exception, as there is no cotton crop item: harvesting cotton plants adds fiber to the inventory instead.

Animal Products[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Quality Levels[edit | edit source]

Items can have a quality level from 0 stars (very bad) up to 6 stars (very good). If an item is selected in the inventory, the item info like shown in the following screenshot appears, stating how many of the selected item the player has per quality level. In the given example, the player has 8 hop of quality 1, 1 hop of quality 2, 35 hop of quality 3 and 12 hop of quality 4.

Counts per quality level of a selected item (hop) with quality 2 currently selected

The player has to click on a specific quality to interact with the item of that quality level. In the given screenshot, quality level 2 is currently selected. Therefore, if the player sells a hop, a hop of quality 2 will be sold.

Quality affects buying and selling prices of items, e.g. while trading with the hawker. For some items, the quality has further effects:

  • if the player drinks beer, the beer's quality determines how much beer buff time is added with high quality beer adding more seconds than low quality beer
  • beer increases the effectivity of increasing a clan's satisfaction (e.g. if a clan wants an acerbity of 2, a beer with 2 acerbity and quality 6 will increase the acerbity satisfaction more than a beer with 2 acerbity and a quality of 0, check service for more details)
  • food restores more satiation if the eaten item had a high quality
  • fuel like wood or charcoal and fuel-like items like soaps burn respectively stay longer if they have a high quality
  • container items like treasure chests have a higher chance on rarer loot if the opened container had a high quality
  • pigeon eggs have a chance to result in pigeons with high skill values at start, if the hatched egg had a high quality
  • high quality dynamite will lead to rarer stone boulders if put into a stone pit
  • bags with a higher quality have a higher inventory limit increase
  • the damage of weapons like the bronze brass knuckles scale with the quality

Decay Chance[edit | edit source]

Some type of items like food or crops have a decay chance. Together with the storage's or inventory's decay chance (depending on if the item is stored in a storage like a chest or stored in the inventory), items can decay on a daily basis. Both chances are multiplied to get the final decay chance of an item. Every night, for every single item instance, the instance gets lowered by one quality level with that chance. An item instance of quality 0 can't decay further.

As an example, the player has 5 barley bread in his inventory. 1 of them has quality 0, 3 of them quality 2 and 1 of them quality 5. A day is over and every item in the inventory and the storages can decay. The inventory's decay chance is 50%, the bread's decay chance is 40%. Every instance of these 5 breads (of different qualities) can therefore decay with a chance of 50%*40%=20%. In this example, the bread of quality 0 can't decay and 2 of the breads of quality 2 decayed as well as the instance of quality 5. In the end, the player has 3 breads of quality 0, 1 of quality 2 and 1 of quality 4 left.

Storage[edit | edit source]

Items can be put into storages like chests. They are often used to decrease the inventory weight to stay below the inventory limit. Some storages have a lower decay chance than the inventory. There are special type of storages which allow only certain items:

Inventory Limit[edit | edit source]

The player can carry as many items with him as he wants, but is penalized with a overweight status effect if his total weight exceeds 200. Every single item has a weight unit of one, independent of its type or quality. To avoid this negative status effect, he can put items in storages, throw them away or increase his inventory limit with bags like a midsized bag.