Orcish Inn Wiki

Running an inn means offering various services to the incoming guests. To measure the player's success as an inn keeper, visiting clans have a clan satisfaction, which is an average across a set of different satisfactions, like the beer satisfaction or the comfort satisfaction. These satisfactions are averages of so-called sub satisfactions, like the beer satisfaction consists of beer taste, beer tint brightness and more.

Clan Satisfaction[]

The satisfactions part of the overall clan satisfaction are, with more coming in the future of Orcish Inn:

  • Beer Satisfaction: brew and serve a fitting beer.
  • Comfort Satisfaction: ensure that the visitors drink their beer in a nice room.
  • Rest Satisfaction: guests who want to stay a night want a fitting rest room and bed.
  • Entertainment Satisfaction: visitors want to be amused in different ways (not what you think!).

Every of these satisfaction has a value between 0% (not fulfilled) and 100% (fulfilled). The single satisfactions are summarized to an overall satisfaction of the clan. Every experience of a visitor modifies the satisfaction of the clan he is part of. If the inn fits well to the desires of the clan, the single satisfactions (and therefore the overall satisfaction) increases. If the inn doesn't fit well, the satisfactions decrease. They also decrease over time, so closing the inn for a very long time is a bad idea satisfaction-wise.

There are currently 5 clans in Orcish Inn. Their current state and detailed information are available in the hub book.

Opening the clan page in the hub book shows the clan interface.


The following table presents the clans of Orcish Inn. All the numbers are averages given a normal distribution (with variances being different from clan to clan).

  • Visitors: The first range defines how many visitors come to the visit the inn and the second range how many visitors are added per social rank. Final numbers are sampled. Example: "3-5/1-2" means, that between 3 and 5 visitors will visit the inn and for every social rank, 1 or 2 more visitors will come.
  • Satisfaction%: The average satisfaction threshold. Example: "70%" means, that in most cases the clan will be fully satisfied if the overall satisfaction exceeds that value.
  • Shares: The satisfaction shares. Again, real numbers can differ slightly. Example: "70%/13%/17%" means that in most cases, the clan's overall satisfaction consists of 70% beer satisfaction, 13% comfort satisfaction and 17% rest satisfaction.
  • Beer: Average tint brightness, full body, bitterness, alcoholic strength of the clan's beer satisfaction as well as the preferred flavor crop. Except the flavor, the final numbers can differ by randomness. Taste is defined by the order of the clans: the first clan will always want barley, the second spelt and so on. Example: "2/1/4/2/Belladonna" means, that the clan is likely to request a beer with a tint brightness of 2, a fully body of 1, a bitterness of 4, an alcoholic strength of 2 and a Belladonna flavor.
  • Comfort: The average tavern comfort the clan wants.
  • Rest: Bed comfort, dorm room comfort and bed count of that clan on average. Example: "15%/20%/10" means that they are likely to have a bed comfort of 15%, a dorm room comfort of 20% and a bed count of 10.
Clan Emblem Clan Name Visitors Satisfaction% Shares Beer Comfort Rest
The Agricult The Agricult 3-5/1-2 70% 70%/13%/17% 2/1/4/2/Belladonna 20% 15%/20%/10
Mogrim's Herd Mogrim's Herd 3-7/1-2 70% 70%/10%/20% 2/4/1/4/Sunflower 40% 80%/70%/18
The Ghouls The Ghouls 3-5/2-4 50% 85%/7%/8% 1/0/3/4/Blueleaves 0% 0%/15%/15
The Prospectors The Prospectors 3-4/1-2 80% 65%/10%/25% 5/2/2/3/Lotus 80% 75%/80%/1
The Rootbound The Rootbound 3-5/1-2 68% 80%/10%/10% 1/2/5/2/Dryroot 30% 20%/5%/1


Clans generate reputation for the player over time, depending on their current satisfaction. A clan with an overall satisfaction of 100% generates 0.04 reputation per second. Additional reputation can be gained through completing quests. The reputation is a currency used to buy upgrades. The mouse info of the reputation label at the top-left screen corner shows the current reputation per second.

The player can access his current reputation generation by placing the mouse on the reputation interface at the top-left corner of the screen.

Satisfying a Clan[]

If the overall satisfaction exceeds a certain threshold, which is unique to every clan, the clan is satisfied. As a result, the player increases in his social rank by one. If the overall satisfaction drops below the threshold, the additional social rank gets removed. For the first time satisfying a clan, a new clan will hear from your efforts and ask for visiting your inn. If you allow them to visit your place in the hub book, they will join the other clans and will come and drink beer on a daily basis. Having another clan with likely different desires makes it overall harder to pleasure everyone, but satisfying both clans will increase the social rank further, making new parts of the game available. Having more clans gets even harder, as pub brawls can get very big and as the visitor count of previous clans increases, the player has to cope with a higher beer consumption and more bed requests.

Visiting Behavior[]

Clans have a random count of visitors, which increases if the social rank of the player raises to new levels. A typical visit of an orcish guest looks like the following:

  1. the visitor arrives at the player's place and walks to the inn
  2. he gets to the faucet and buys a beer (prices can be set in the hub book to control aggression)
  3. he looks for a table with chair and sits down
  4. after some time, the visitor grabs another beer
  5. if it's dusk and he wants to stay a night, the visitor gets to the rest room (if not, he leaves the inn)
  6. if there is a nightstand or similar near the bed, he puts an item there (visitors can forget items or the player can steal them)
  7. the next morning, the visitor wakes up, pays for the bed (prices can be set in the hub book to control aggression), takes his item and leaves the inn

Visitors only come during midday and dusk. They look for a bed only during night. The count of visitors visiting the inn, the amount of beer drunk and the chance for staying a night are all influenced by the current weather. The following table shows how.

Weather Icon Weather Name Visitor Factor Beers Drunk Stays a Night Factor
Sunshine Sunshine 100% 3-6 1.0
Light Rain Light Rain 95% 3-7 1.2
Medium Rain Medium Rain 90% 4-8 1.6
Heavy Rain Heavy Rain 80% 5-9 2.0
Cloudy Cloudy 100% 3-5 1.0
Light Hail Light Hail 50% 3-7 2.2
Medium Hail Medium Hail 0% 4-8 2.4
Heavy Hail Heavy Hail 0% 5-9 2.6
Light Snow Light Snow 90% 3-7 1.1
Medium Snow Medium Snow 80% 4-8 1.4
Heavy Snow Heavy Snow 70% 5-9 1.8
Light Storm Light Storm 25% 3-8 2.4
Medium Storm Medium Storm 0% 4-9 2.6
Heavy Storm Heavy Storm 0% 5-10 2.8
Light Fog Light Fog 100% 3-7 1.1
Medium Fog Medium Fog 100% 4-8 1.2
Heavy Fog Heavy Fog 50% 5-9 1.3
Light Heat Light Heat 100% 3-6 1.0
Medium Heat Medium Heat 100% 4-7 1.0
Heavy Heat Heavy Heat 100% 5-8 1.0
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm 0% 6-10 3.0
Light Blizzard Light Blizzard 50% 3-8 2.4
Medium Blizzard Medium Blizzard 0% 4-9 2.6
Heavy Blizzard Heavy Blizzard 0% 5-10 2.8

Visitor Factor is a value applied to the visitor count of the clan. As an example, if the clan has a visitor count of 4 and the current weather has a Visitor Factor of 75%, only 3 visitors will visit the inn. The amount of beer drunk is modified further by the current day time, where visitors drink 75% less beer during midday and 100% during dusk. The Stays a Night Factor is a relative factor with high values resulting in a higher chance that the visitor stays a night.

Visitor Statuses[]

Visitors have statuses too, namely drunkenness and aggression. Their drunkenness is the main factor which increase their aggression, which probably can result in a pub brawl, but is also affects the chance that the visitor stays a night.

Activating the additional interface or holding the ALT key shows the visitor's state on top of them, including their current satisfaction, drunkenness and aggression.

Satisfaction Shares[]

Not every satisfaction is equally important. Mostly, beer is the main satisfaction to handle and the others can be seen as additional efforts to increase the satisfaction to a higher level, for example to increase the generation of reputation per second. The overall satisfaction of a clan is divided into single satisfaction shares. As an example, a clan's satisfaction could consist of 70% beer satisfaction, 20% comfort satisfaction and 10% rest satisfaction. So reaching 100% beer satisfaction maps to 70% overall satisfaction. If the clan's satisfaction threshold would be 80%, the player couldn't ignore comfort and rest, because he isn't able to reach that level with the beer satisfaction alone. The satisfaction shares are visualized as a pie chart and a bar in the hub book. Clicking on an area opens the details of that specific satisfaction.

The satisfaction overview shows all the satisfactions of which the overall satisfaction consists of. Two visualizations are shown: the satisfaction pie and the satisfaction bar. Clicking on parts of them makes the specific satisfaction details visible.

Satisfaction Types[]

Currently, Orcish Inn consists of the following satisfaction types. More will come in the future.

Beer Satisfaction[]

The beer satisfaction is the average of the following sub satisfactions, which all relate to the beer the visitors of that clan drink:

  • Taste (Specific Crop): The beer's taste, which is related to the cereal crop which was used in the malt production.
  • Tint Brightness (Level 0-5): The beer's tint brightness defined by the amount of water used in the malt production.
  • Full Body (Level 0-5): The beer's full body, defined by the amount of water used in the wort production.
  • Bitterness (Level 0-5): The beer's bitterness, defined by the amount of hop used in the beer production.
  • Alcoholic Strength (Level 0-5): The beer's alcoholic strength, defined by the amount of yeast used in the beer production.
  • Flavor (Specific Crop): The beer's flavor, defined by the flavor crop used in the beer production. A clan can want to have no flavor at all.

For taste and flavor, the sub satisfaction (and therefore the beer satisfaction in general) does only increase if the desired crop is met and it decreases otherwise. For the other beer characteristics, the increase depends on how near the drunk beer's characteristics are to the wish. If they differ too much, the satisfaction decreases.

As an example, a clan wants a beer with barley as taste, a tint brightness of 3, a full body of 0, a bitterness of 4, an alcoholic strength of 5 and belladonna flavor. A beer with exact these characteristics will increase the corresponding sub satisfactions. If the beer would have a full body of 1, even the full body satisfaction would increase, but slightly slower. If the beer had an alcoholic strength of 0, the alcoholic strength sub satisfaction wouldn't increase and if it would have been increased by another beer before, it would decrease with the new beer.

The satisfaction is modified when a visitor finishes drinking a beer.

The yellow part stands for the beer satisfaction, which consists of the beer properties the clan desires.

Comfort Satisfaction[]

The comfort satisfaction consists of one sub satisfaction only: the tavern comfort of the room they drink the beer in and is modified after every beer a visitor of that clan drinks. The tavern comfort of a room can be displayed by equipping the shovel and increases by placing furniture with tavern comfort points into the room. The clan's tavern comfort desire is a value between 0% and 100%. The satisfaction increases, if the room's tavern comfort is near the desired one. There are clans which want a less comfortable inn (a low tavern comfort satisfaction value), so having a high tavern comfort is not automatically the best option! If the desire and the room's comfort mismatch too much, the tavern comfort satisfaction decreases.

The purple part of the satisfaction relates to the comfort satisfaction. It consists of the tavern comfort of the room in which the visitors enjoy their beer.

Rest Satisfaction[]

The rest satisfaction relates to the clan's desire to stay for a comfortable night. It consists of 3 sub satisfactions:

  • Bed Comfort: How comfortable the bed should be. The bed's comfort is defined by the bedding put into the bed.
  • Dorm Room Comfort: How comfortable the room is, in which the visitor sleeps. Furniture with dorm comfort points affect the room's dorm room comfort, which can be displayed by having the shovel equipped.
  • Bed Count: The count of beds in the room in which the visitor sleeps. Some prefer rooms with many other people, other clans want single rooms for their members.

These sub satisfaction change if a visitor rested a night in the inn. Again, more isn't automatically better. Some clans want a low bed comfort, a low dorm room comfort or want to sleep in a single room. Finding good tradeoffs is the way to go. A slight mismatch between what the clan wants and what the player provides does result in a slower increase of the corresponding sub satisfaction, up to a decrease if they mismatch too much.

Some of the visitors may rest in your inn and the blue part of the satisfaction shows how they want to stay the night.

Entertainment Satisfaction[]

Orcs want to have fun, too. The clans' desire for amusement is represented with the entertainment satisfaction, which is split into the following sub satisfactions:

  • Innkeeper: If the innkeeper is present. The satisfaction increases if a visitor of the clan finishes drinking a beer and the player is in the same room.
  • Music: The satisfaction comes with a number, which refers to the minimal quality the disk in the jukebox should have. The jukebox has to be in the same room as the visitors finish drinking their beer. A better quality than the shown minimal quality increases this sub satisfaction even faster. What kind of disk is played doesn't matter.
  • Slot Machine: The third sub satisfaction is related to slot machines. Slot machines require barrel items to work and every clan wants a specific edition. Other editions don't increase this sub satisfaction. Visitors decide to play games after some beer on chance and continue to drink beer afterwards. Drinking beer with a high bitterness increases the chance to play with slot machines, but also increases the aggression generated while playing.

The innkeeper and the music sub satisfactions are modified after each beer drunk. The slot machine sub satisfaction increases for every round played, if the slot machine had a barrel with the fitting edition.

Visitors want to be entertained. Their desire can be met in different ways.