Orcish Inn Wiki

This article covers some of the technical elements of Orcish Inn.

Download and Installation[]

Orcish Inn for Windows is distributed via a launcher application offered on the official Orcish Inn website. The launcher checks if the prerequisite (.NET 4.5 or higher) is installed and downloads it if necessary. It also checks for new Orcish Inn updates and downloads them if wanted.

If you are on Linux or don't want to use the launcher, you can also download the standalone files of Orcish Inn for Windows or Linux. The downloads are likewise offered on the official Orcish Inn website. Please keep in mind that you have to check for new updates by yourself if you don't use the launcher. To run the standalone files of Orcish Inn, extract the zip archive and start OrcishInn.exe (on Windows) respectively run the OrcishInn.bin.x86_64 script (on Linux). The version distributed via the launcher and the standalone versions are the same.


The game's settings are stored in a file called settings.xml in the game's user folder. It can be edited directly or via the launcher application. An easy way to open the settings is to start the game and hit the main menu button in the top right. The main menu has an "Options" entry which opens the settings.xml directly. Please keep in mind that the user folder and the settings file are only created after the game was saved at least once (or if the "Options" button in the main menu was hit). The user folder of Orcish Inn doesn't only hold the settings, but also savegames, crashlogs, screenshots and more. Common user folder places on Windows are:

  • "C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\OrcishInn\"
  • "C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\OrcishInn\"
  • "C:\Users\YourUsername\OneDrive\Documents\OrcishInn\"

And common user folder places on Linux are:

  • "%XDG_DATA_HOME%/OrcishInn/"
  • "%HOME%/.local/share/OrcishInn/"

Bugs and Crashes[]

Please post your bugs, crashes and other Orcish Inn related problems into the "Bugs and Problems" forum in the Steam community forums of Orcish Inn. Given the problem, it's sometimes useful for me if I have a screenshot, the crashlogs or even the savegame. This helps a lot in fixing the issue!


File modding in terms of new items, objects, quests and so on is definitely planned for Orcish Inn and regarding the language files, already possible.

  • Language Modding: localizing the game to a new language.

Technical Background[]

Orcish Inn's development started in early 2014 and it was originally made with XNA, but the framework was replaced in 2016 with FNA. The game is written in C# with a small framework on top of XNA/FNA and with Visual Studio Community as IDE. The visuals were made with GIMP. The game is created by Steven Colling, while sound effects and music are done by headchant.