Orcish Inn Wiki

Hotfix 0.1.8[]

The update was released on the 28th January 2017.


  • CHANGED mouse wheel interaction: if a furniture description or item description is shown, the mouse wheel will scroll the description instead of switching tools


  • FIXED a bug where customers got stuck on the map and didn't visited the tavern
  • FIXED a bunch of bugs where customers didn't sit on chairs, sit together on the same chair or walked between two chairs a couple of times
  • FIXED a bug which reset the production progress of production machines after loading the save game
  • FIXED a bug where it was possible to eat bread without decreasing its count
  • FIXED a bug where sawdust could be instantly turned into fertilizer
  • FIXED a bug where trying to pick up fertilizer from a compost box without actual fertilizer in it would put fertilizer onto the ground below the compost box
  • FIXED a crash when pressing the middle mouse button while flying around with the Hawker (in the beginning)
  • FIXED rain barrels so they don't accept beer as content anymore
  • FIXED the dye pool recipe for "Forget Me Nots"